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– the choice of grassrooth sport all over Europe.

GOALCHATM focuses on the play, movement, challenges and good experiences with the GOALCHATM-Ball and building up a new kind of movement culture, where the ball is the instrument and center of all activities.

We are delighted that you found the way onto our homepage and that you take interest for GOALCHATM! Here you will get an introduction and relevant information about the new modern form of grassrooth handball game and leisure sport activity GOALCHATM Street Handball, as well about the possible applications with the GOALCHATM-Ball. We wish you a lot of fun while your search and in case you have questions, ideas or feed-back, we look forward to hearing from you through our open invitation: just press the Contact button. Good luck and warm greetings.

Below you can choose different sports with the GOALCHATM-Ball.


  • The GOALCHATM-Ball was specially developed for children and youths
  • A high standard of quality is therefore an absolute must
  • Squeezing and cuddling – the GOALCHATM-Ball can easily be squeezed and cuddled and is very pleasant to catch
  • The GOALCHATM-Ball needs no inflation with air and returns back to his initial form
  • The GOALCHATM-Ball does not bounce out of control and can not be dribbled


  • The GOALCHATM-Ball is sewn of synthetic leather, which it is common also to traditional handballs
  • The GOALCHATM-Ball is filled with synthetic wool
  • No toxic materials are used by the manufacturing of the ball
  • The GOALCHATM-Ball is available in the range sizes 42 cm and 47 cm

GOALCHATM   | c/o. LOT Group ApS  |  Vesterballevej 5, DK-7000 Fredericia  |  Denmark  |

Phone: +45 28 55 30 20  |  Email: contact@goalcha.com  |   Web: www.goalcha.com 

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